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Arthur: The "A" Team/Emily Swallows a Horse
THE "A" TEAM: Francine and Brain are the best players on the soccer team and, well, sometimes they wish their teammates could take the game a bit more seriously. So when they make the Elwood City All-Stars Traveling Team, they're as happy as they could be. Or are they? Is winning really everything - or is there something about playing with friends that can't be beat? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Brain and Francine learn the value of enjoying sports for the fun of it when they find competitive sports less satisfying than playing with friends. EMILY SWALLOWS A HORSE: Emily really wants the sparkly ball D.W. just found, so she tells a little white lie about how Marie-Helene actually gave it to her. No harm done, right? But then Emily has to tell even bigger lies to cover her story! Will she be like that old woman in the fairy tale, who had to swallow the horse to eat her lie, er, fly? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: After telling a small lie that she has to cover up with bigger lies that spiral out of control, Emily comes clean and discovers the value of honesty.
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