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Arthur: D.W. Beats All/Buster the Myth Maker
D.W. BEATS ALL: After the Tibbles get a set of drums to play at the music festival, D.W. is determined to get an even bigger and louder one. But when Mom tells her she can't get everything she wants (gasp!) D.W. realizes that she can march to a different beat. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: D.W. learns about making music through percussion, how beats come together to form rhythms, and how music is all around her. BUSTER THE MYTH MAKER: Buster is always telling the most incredible stories - like the one about the rat in the soda bottle, or grasshopper eyes in Crinkle-Chaw gum! Now he claims there is a tiger in the state forest, which of course explains all those missing dogs. (Huh?) Can Arthur help Buster separate fact from fiction in order to solve this mystery? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Arthur and Buster explore modern folklore and urban myths by rooting out fact from fiction in fabricated on-line stories.
6/28/2018 3:30 PM (11.1)