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Forming an Action Group

Picture of Elk Grove Action Group

Upon learning about microcredit, your reaction is probably very similar to thousands of others. Like you, they ask, "What can I do?" Thanks to the creative and diligent efforts of people like Jack and Lisa Williams, we see that regular people can make an immense difference. The Elk Grove Action Group, started in 2001, has assisted hundreds of families in Central America by funding village banks. If microcredit teaches anything, it teaches that the unlikeliest people can do the most incredible things. As unlikely as you might consider yourself, you can make a real difference for hundreds of people.

If you are interested in getting more involved with microcredit, the Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance would encourage you to give through has created an online system where you can loan directly to micro-entrepreneurs worldwide.

The Ballard Center also recommends giving to any of the microcredit organizations profiled in "Small Fortunes." Your loan will not only change the life of its recipient, but it will change your life as well.