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Encourage your local station

PBS premiered Small Fortunes: Microcredit and the Future of Poverty on Thursday, October 27, 2005. The program is available to public television stations for additional broadcasts at their discretion through 2009.

Encourage your local station to broadcast Small Fortunes by calling, writing, or sending an email to the station. Tell your local station about your interest in microcredit and your interest in seeing the program again. Positive individual messages are effective; mass produced mailings are not. Most stations complete their broadcast schedules four to six weeks in advance. To locate the station in your area, visit

Public television stations rely heavily upon member support and are very sensitive to local public opinion. Individual viewers have a voice in programming decisions, particularly if those viewers are supporting members of the station. You can support your local station in several ways:

  • Establish a positive tie by volunteering; answer the telephones during the station's pledge drive.
  • Send notes of appreciation to the station when the program is scheduled and after the program has aired.
  • Encourage sponsors and friends of your organization to become contributing members of the station nearest them and ask them to mention programs such as Small Fortunes as the reason they support the station.
  • Publicize Small Fortunes' broadcast by advertising the air dates and times of the program in your organization's meetings, fliers, newsletter, or website, etc. Suggest a human-interest story relating to your microcredit efforts that the station could place in your local newspaper. (All formal publicity, such as press releases, should be done in cooperation with the station.)

Small Fortunes: Microcredit and the Future of Poverty was produced by KBYU-TV, a PBS member station operated by Brigham Young University.