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Become a Sustainer

As a KBYU Eleven Sustaining member your ongoing monthly donations will automatically come from your credit or debit card each month. (Donations will be taken on the 10th of the month. If the 10th of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, deductions will be made on the following business day.)

There will be no need to renew your membership; your donation will automatically renew each year until you ask us to stop. By becoming a sustainer you will provide Eleven with a reliable source of funding to help pay for the programs you enjoy.

Sustaining members of Eleven will receive the Eleven program guide. Sustaining members donating $7 a month or more will also receive the Eleven Membercard.

Being a sustainer is easy and affordable for you and works as a great source of funds for Eleven. To change, increase, or update your current sustaining donation please call us at 1-800-298-5298.

sustained member
Become a Member

KBYU Eleven relies on membership contributions for the largest portion of our operation budget, which means that every donation is critical, both to acquire PBS programs and to produce original specials.

$40 Level:

  • With any donation of $40 or more you will receive the Eleven, our monthly program guide each month for the next year.

$100 level (or $7 a month as a sustainer)

  • With any donation of $100 or more (or $7 a month as a sustainer) you will receive the BRAND NEW Eleven membercard. The Eleven membercard includes special 2 for 1 discounts at restaurants and other businesses throughout Utah. Click here for more information about the membercard or to see a list of participating sponsors.

Donate online or call 1-800-298-5298 to become a member of Eleven today and receive the ALL NEW Eleven membercard.

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Eleven Kids' Club

KBYU Eleven is committed to providing quality children’s programs; the Eleven Kids’ Club is a way parents, grandparents, and friends can share this commitment, as it provides fun and unique experiences to each sponsored child.

A donation of $40 allows up to six of your children between the ages of 2 and 12 to receive an on-air birthday greeting, an activity card, and admittance to discounted monthly activities. Your donation also qualifies you to receive the Eleven monthly program guide.

Join today! If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-298-5298 on weekdays between 9am and 5pm MT.

kids club
Gift Membership

Do you have a friend, neighbor, coworker, or family member who enjoys the programs we air on KBYU Eleven? Did you know that you can share all the benefits of membership with them?

With a donation of $40 or more, designate someone other than yourself to receive Eleven, our monthly program guide, and the Eleven membercard. You can choose to give anonymously or to let the recipient know who provided this wonderful gift.

Give a gift membership online or give us a call at 1-800-298-5298 on weekdays between 9am and 5pm MT.

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